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London-based award-winning piano trio. Best Band, BBC Jazz Awards 2008! New album, Closer, released September 2008. Tom Cawley - piano, Sam Burgess - bass, Josh Blackmore - drums


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April Start


April Start, a small town girl born in Pincher Creek, Alberta and raised in Spokane Washington has poured her heart into music her entire life. From backyard concerts at the tender age of six, to most recently opening up for the legendary band, Little Feat at Springfest in Pensacola, Florida, April has drawn


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Brian McRae


Brian McRae is a Singer-Songwriter-Musician living in Lubbock, Texas and playing his music all over Texas. He recently released his 2nd album with new music styles and vocals.


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Bree Noble


On stage or in the studio, Bree Noble is an outstanding vocal talent. Bree Noble is a songwriter who doesn't sugar-coat the Christian life or water down the issues Christians face. Her lyrics are bold in their revelation of her own faults and struggles and how she has faced them with God's guidence.


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Charlie Catura


Sax man Chris Godber was born with asthma, he was told he'd never be able to play due to the severity of his respiratory condition, however, God blessed his lungs and despite what physicians told him, persevered...4 Albums later.


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A casual glance at BeebleBrox's Quantumn Tweezers CD, with its oddball computer graphic images and strange song titles


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Boom Boom Beckett


La banda â originariamente chiamata Hipster Bros - si forma nel lontano 1996 per volere dei Padri Fondatori, di cui oggi rimangono attivi solo due esemplari , peraltro perfettamente conservati.


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Alexander Shulgin


Alexander Shulgin is a leading executive in the new Russian music industry, having worked with such iconic artists as Valeria, Mumiy Troll, Dima Malikov, Gruppa.fm and many others. Mr. Shulgin owns and operates Familia Entertainment, a record label, and Familia Publishing, a publishing company.


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George Wood


George has been a music professional for the last 10 years; As well as professional backing tracks George has produced mobile content for Nokia, Disney and Orange as well as composing and arranging original thematic library music for radio and television.


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Alexandre Falcao


Absolute absorption is what you can expect from the phenomenal work of Alexandre Falcao, a man who thinks outside the box to help his listeners step inside themselves. Richly ambient and experimental in nature, Falcao explores the fringes of music, offering up thoughtful, enveloping music.


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3vr3n. A sound scape project by M. T. Pierce. Music of the lithosphere.


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Robert Wolf


Robert has been toying with synthesizers since the 1970's, toured the US with rock bands and written scores for a few indie motion pictures. Recently Robert's new music has been featured on The Weather Channel's Local on the 8's.


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Describing Adama's style creates interesting thoughts within those who try to do so. Adama's rich, velvet voice brings to mind visions of Sade, Seal and Dido. The music, electronica by nature, is strong with pop-appeal, inviting the word-of-mouth genre/term, electro-pop, for company.


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Apple lover. Serial blogger and podcaster. Fond of music, sports, photo, food & wine, living near Bordeaux.





Katy Pfaffl


Pfaffl rhymes with waffle! :-) Katy recorded and released her first album 'Katy Pfaffl' in 2001, followed soon after by her second album 'As She Stands' released in 2003. Katy can be seen performing regularly throughout Manhattan/NJ/LA as well as within the college circuit.


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Rada was born in dec . 1950 to Yugloslavian parents in a German refuge camp. She is the 2nd of four daughters. Through her parents' hard work and sacrifice all four girls are college educated. Rada studied music@ Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.


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Carlos Tabora


Carlos Tabora, contemporary pianist and award-winning songwriter, brings a simple approach and romantic flair to making music. Carlosâ™ original songs and compositions express the timeless themes of inspiration, longing, everyday living and divine purpose.


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Anne Farnsworth


Jazz pianist and vocalist Anne Farnsworth lives in Los Angeles, where she divides her time between performing, teaching, and journalism. She has toured extensively in the States and abroad. her original compositions can be heard on the FX network and her latest CD is Saturday Morning.


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John Tesh


John Tesh is a contemporary Christian music pianist, a composer, a television presenter as well as a radio host. John also plays keyboards (including the piano), he plays the trumpet and sings, and has sold over 7 million records. The John Tesh Radio Show is syndicated on 400 stations.


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